SP Richards

Corporate Responsibility

Community Involvement

S.P. Richards has a long history of serving our community and many national organizations.

We are proud to be a supporter of City of Hope, a highly respected research facility and hospital in Duarte, California that develops treatments for cancer, diabetes and other life threatening diseases. Through our efforts we have raised community awareness of this institution and have been a major contributor to the over $87 Million raised by the Office Products Industry since 1983.

S.P. Richards employees have been recognized numerous times for their support of the American Red Cross, American Heart Fund and United Way. Our personnel take an active role in the community through their involvement with Big Brother, Big Sisters and Habitat for Humanity.

Environmental Sustainability

As a responsible steward of our planet’s resources, S.P. Richards looks for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle within all of our facilities nationwide. As a distribution company we monitor our trucks and the routes they travel each day, making sure that we effectively conserve fuel and control usage, thereby limiting pollution and saving precious resources. Our paper and plastic recycling program keeps these reusable items out of our landfills, and our use of recycled materials in packaging products for distribution to our customers completes the cycle.

In an ongoing initiative to conserve energy within our facilities we have refitted our warehouses with energy efficient motion sensing lights and high velocity, low volume fans. This will allow our operations to significantly reduce energy costs and save much needed resources.

S.P. Richards, in partnership with our vendors, continues to develop eco-friendly office supplies through our NatureSaver™ brand. Our Ecopath™ recycling program sponsored by Elite Image® is an effective and profitable means for our resellers to keep printer cartridges out of the refuse stream. We have also implemented Managed Print Solution (MPS). Using this program it allows us to reduce unnecessary toner and paper usage in our facilities. We encourage our resellers to use the same program for themselves and their customers.

By working with our vendor partners and our customers on protecting our environment we hope to provide a better world for future generations.